Eat Your Way Through The Rainbow

The Rainbow consists of the most beautiful natural array of vibrant colours coming alive after the rainfall.

Rainbow Food

Rainbow Food

Rainbow of Food

Likewise in terms of food, we are inundated with the rainbow spectrum of colourful healthy foods all around us. But do we actually even notice the abundance of food, let alone indulge in the healthy range?

Here is just a small selection from a variety of foods available in the colour of the rainbow. You can introduce them slowly into your diet if you are not already consuming them that is.

In these foods, the health rewards for your body are endless. So indulge in the colourful delight that nature has to offer to your heart’s content.

Here’s a compilation of websites which present the array of rainbow foods. Pick and enjoy the vast spread of beautifully coloured food.

Red Foods:

Food in this colour spectrum: tomatoes, bell peppers, cherries, apples

Orange Foods:

Food in this colour spectrum: carrots, oranges, sweet potatoes, pumpkins

Yellow Foods: – yellow foods

Food in this colour spectrum: sweetcorn, yellow peppers, bananas, cauliflower

Green Foods:

Food in this colour spectrum: Kiwi, Broccoli, Spinach, Peas

Blue, Indigo and Violet Foods:

Food in this colour spectrum: blueberries, aubergines, purple potatoes,

The following websites offer foods in the full colourful range of the rainbow:


Colour Wheel of Fruits and Vegetables:

For those of you who enjoy colour in food that is not quite healthy – just a little naughty but nice:

I hope you have enjoyed this compilation and it has encouraged you to indulge in the beauty of all this splendid variety of food. These choices will help to keep your body fit and healthy.

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I have become you

I vowed never to be like you – not in a million years. All those times you had hurt me – I vowed never to be like that. Although you are gone now, in my heart you are here. Each time I open my mouth, I swear I hear an echo from the past. A copy of you I have become sorely, mother dear.

I left home all those years ago to get away from you as we never got along together. No one I associated with could please you old dear. I promise myself that I would allow my children the freedom you denied me.

Looking back now, how easy it had all appeared. I often wondered what your problem was, never suspecting I was the one with the chip on my shoulder. I wear your shoes now and how hard it all seems. At least you had my father to support your needs.

I choose to do it your way for I know now what I never knew then. You were special always there when I really needed you. As I lay the flowers on your grave and repent, I know now you had really cared. You would have been proud of me on this cold and chilly day. Your heart would have warmed to all I have done and accomplished.

All this was possible because you had pushed me along the way. At the time I had hated it and now I can see that the tough love made me the survivor I am today. Thank you mum – this is your day. Although you told me to, I cannot walk away.

I have become you now my dear walking, talking, even the woman who stares back at me in the mirror. It’s all you. How did I get this way? The reflection is harsh and the hands I see are as thin as yours could have ever been. They work quickly doing the things I use to see.

Always remaining curious how you could handle so many things at the same time. You were much like superwoman. Oh, how you would have been proud right now if you could see the replica of yourself hurried in your work. Everything must be done just right. That smug look on your face – well you’re not around now. I wish you were here.

Beyond the grave, you have control. But it’s okay, it was meant to be. I smile at my reflection as if I am smiling at you. We both know the truth. Then I hear my daughter say;

“You’re a horrible mum because you don’t care… I will never be horrible to my kids like you are to me.”

I smile as I hear those familiar childish words almost an echo from my past – my words to my mum all those years ago.

“Yes you will, my dear,” I answer in my head. “You may not like it the way I treat you, but you know what – you’ll know later that I care.”

From my response, I know for sure that I have become you mother dear.

By Ms April Showers

The Problem with New Year Resolutions Part 2

The start of the year begins with many people trying to change for the better. But the way the change is incorporated into your life makes all the difference. The more passionate you are about a change the more likely you are to carry it through, especially during the difficult times.

Think realistic change.

Assess your natural capacity and ability. Are you really capable of running a mile each morning? If you know you are realistically unable to make that change in your life – don’t even think about it! Deep down, you know what your capabilities are, so get determined about your abilities and put them to the test.

If you are determined enough, you will make a change at any time of the year and not simply when the calendar dates change. Figures and dates mean very little to the emotional brain unless there is a strong element attached to the dates concerned. The desire to change needs to be there more than anything if the change is to last a lifetime.

So if you slip, do yourself a favour by not being too harsh on yourself. Just keep trying until you succeed. If you are desperate for the change, you will certainly achieve it.

What of the people who make a list of resolutions and don’t get past the first few?

Well, in this type of case it is best not to spread yourself thin. Begin with one simple change at a time. Incorporate this change into your life by making it part of your everyday living habit.

When you achieve incorporating this habit successfully into your lifestyle, you can move onto the next change you wish to develop and maintain. One step at a time leads to success.

Too many changes simultaneously can put you off from making any changes at all. This is because it gets frustrating and annoying having to juggle various changes at the same time. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust to all the changes you set for yourself.

Why not spread the New Year resolutions equally throughout the year instead of focusing on all of them together in January and then giving up on all of them before February can be seen on the horizon?

Slow change is more likely to be successfully maintained as part of your on-going lifestyle. Begin by accepting yourself for who you are and by trying to understand yourself better before making any drastic changes in your life.

Don’t limit your change options to just your body or small habits. Consider the bigger picture and take all 3 aspects of your mind, body and soul into consideration. If one area feels difficult to combat, why not try another until you are ready to deal with your original target?

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