I Was Here

I was here long before you.

I can hear you speaking words of love.

Sweet nothings he speaks in your ear.

Just remember though, I was here before you.

No longer mine, there it is again – I see you here.

My bed is crumpled and he thinks I do not know.

I can tell by the way he turns away when I reach out and kiss him, missing even his ear.

Seven year itch they call it. Not here though, because I turn away to look elsewhere.

Satisfaction is sweet and sincere. Did I ever turn to him in my time of despair?

The perfume I smell is not mine and the lipstick on the collar is just a smear.

The look of guilt flashes across his face as I ask one more thing. A fool of me he will make.

What if he were to know the child is not his and I stay with him out of fear?

Just remember though I was here before you ever were.

The rain trickles down like my tears. You can’t see – you are blind to my internal fears.

I have to climb this narrow set of stairs.

Upstairs, for I was here long before the other woman entered the scene.

Leave this home, for it shall remain mine. Go with her so far away in time.

I will find another just like you. There will be nothing to fear – just my own shadow here.

By Ms April Showers



Martin Luther King was not the only one who began with: “I have a dream…”

You can have a dream too…and help bring it to life as well. All your success and achievements begin with a dream. Sometimes, when something wonderful happens to us, we suddenly think,

“I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I could have achieved this…”

But the dream had been somewhere at the back of your mind for it to manifest itself. We can feel a dream that is dearest to us with our heart and soul.

Dreams and reality

Are your personal dreams something you have disconnected with a long time ago? In pursuit of happiness we sometimes end up making decisions about our life which are not suitable. But it is never too late to change direction. If you are living an unhappy life, dream of what would make you happy.

By living an under pressure life we usually end up neglecting our true guiding light. Perhaps you always felt you were not quite good enough. It applies to many of us.

The changes start at home with the little things. Maybe you are in the process of achieving your dreams? Perhaps you have even set yourself new dream targets.

How can we reconnect with what our original ideals were instead of giving up and compromising? There are many ways to reconnect with our real self.

  1. Connect with your feelings and emotions. They will guide you as to your real destiny and inner wishes.
  2. Dreams which make you smile and feel relaxed show your connection and happiness. They are the ones to follow.
  3. Never give up your dreams. There is always a time for them to come true. You can make it happen with practical planning.
  4. Dreams can help save your sanity when you are going through the toughest of times.

So go on, make a list or whatever method you use for recording your dreams and start to bring some of them alive. Can you already feel your heart soaring just at the thought of achieving what you truly want? Go on – you know you can do this.

Have you ever held onto a dream or let an important dream go?

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Anger can be a Positive Emotion

Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.” – Malcolm X

When Anger Strikes

When anger strikes you, it is difficult to think logically. Emotions make you go back to your primitive way of thinking and behaving.

There are two possible ways to deal with anger. You can allow it to consume you or you can use it to your advantage. When anger is left to its own devices, it can cause great havoc and rage mercilessly. However when anger is acted upon in a positive way, it can bring about great changes.

When you feel anger, first of all identify it as actual anger. Giving anger a name helps you to pause a moment without flying off the handle and doing something you may regret later.  Identifying anger correctly also serves to mentally prepare you to not give in so easily to any aggressive or impulsive behaviour.

Get into the habit of asking yourself why you feel anger.

  • Where is it stemming from?
  • Are you neglecting yourself in some way?
  • Are your needs not being met?
  • Is there an injustice from your point of view?
  • Is anger simply a habit that needs changing?
  • Do you understand why you feel this powerful emotion which makes you want to change things?

There are many different types of anger. You need to identify the trigger and deal with this. Make the anger work to your advantage by using the energy to do something positive. When you feel this way, there is a conflict between your inner and outer world which has brought about this feeling of anger, be it irritation right through to rage.

In the western society, we shy away from showing emotions easily. Sometimes by shying away from publically admitting anger, we can also shy away from admitting it to our inner selves. In such cases, anger tends to stew and make you blow up on some other rather unfortunate occasion.

Sometimes when you feel anger, it is easier to blame external circumstances. But when this happens, you must reach deep within to identify the real reason you felt angry. It might just be that you are still stewing from a previous bad experience and take it out on someone who is quite altogether innocent!

You can use anger to make an internal change. Either accept the circumstances or when you see an injustice set about to put it right in the correct procedure rather than rant and rave. This will keep your energy focused on what you want to achieve instead of losing control over the situation.

Doing nothing will only serve to make the anger boil inside you like hot lava. Over time it can cause you to become bitter and resentful and something of a complainer who nobody really enjoys the company of.

Take the first step in recognizing that this anger you experience has to result in some type of change either internal or external. As external events are usually beyond your control, it is better to focus on internal changes. Make this internal change last for good. Become a better person for it.

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