Ghost of the Present

Arguably the ghost of the present tense is the best ghost to take the lead in life. But have you ever considered, yes it is a good idea but how can I learn from the past and what will happen in the future?

Dealing with the ghost of the PRESENT

If you have ever observed children at play, you will have noticed that regardless of what they are playing, they possess an ability we as adults are desperately lacking. We used to possess this ability in great abundance but as we grew up we got lost in the adult world of responsibility.

So what is it that children possess that we lack? It’s quite simple really and that is the ability to engage wholeheartedly in the current moment of their life. They use their wonderful imagination to become involved selflessly in their moment of play. Children become so engrossed with what they are doing that they don’t even notice anything else around them and as a result they actually enjoy themselves!

By contrast, as adults we get easily distracted. The interesting thing is that it is not so much external diversions which serve to distract you but more the internal diversions. Your fearful thoughts and emotions seem to hijack what could otherwise be enjoyable moments.

Think back to when it was the last time that you enjoyed and were fully absorbed in the current situation and forgot everything around you. Generally we are either hung up about our past baggage or worried about the future which has not even taken shape as yet!

The negatives of staying too focused on the current situation

However, concentrating too hard on the current situation can have its drawbacks too. Suppose you experiencing an exceptionally horrible moment like pain for instance. Rather than concentrate on this pain, it is much better to allow your mind to drift away until the moment is over.

Having said this, most of life’s moments are not fully appreciated simply because at the time your mind is focused or(lack of focus) on something else. Perhaps there is a niggling issue which needs to be resolved but you haven’t got round to it. Perhaps you are thinking about something from the past

There are many techniques which can be employed to concentrate on the here and now. This where your belief and spirituality can help. Prayer and meditation certainly help to stay focused. Ultimately it is your desire to remain focused which has a great impact on the control you have over your present ghost.

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Ghost of the Past

We have all heard of the story of Scrooge. You may believe yourself to be nothing like this stingy character. Indeed, how dare I even suggest such a comparison? Let me guess, you are probably a generous loving and caring person, if only others would recognize you as such. Ask yourself really?

Haunting ghosts from your past

But I am not referring to helping others or even gifts. I am referring to the weight of your soul, if indeed the soul has a weight. Similar to the story of Scrooge, there are three ghosts who define you and they are more famously known as your past, present and future.

Any one of these ghosts can be the predominant ghost, depending on the type of person you are, you may prefer your ghost from the past to the present one or even the future.

Dealing with the ghost from the PAST

If you like to live in the glory of the past, it must have been a fantastic memory for you to keep it alive in your current state of life. Perhaps the past is predominant in your life because your current state of affairs leaves you dissatisfied or unfulfilled in some way.

Maybe you experienced a life changing event which has brought your downfall in some way. Before this big change occurred, life must have been a whole lot grander than it is now or even than it could ever be again. How are you ever going to recover and laugh like that again? Is it possible?

Yes it is. This is because time is known to be a great healer of all pain and misery. That is if you allow it to heal you. You can hold onto to the pain and keep it alive forever and your only escape is when you think of the wonderful past.

Like this you are limiting yourself and not allowing your inner self to heal and recover properly.

Perhaps you are one of those people who dwell on the misery of your past ghost. When the past is remembered in a bitter way, it becomes heavy luggage for you to drag around.

The past used to define who you were. If you choose to live down memory lane, you are actively seeking to live in the past and thus allow the ghost of the past the upper hand.

Let’s face it shall we, memories can and are very deceptive. The past is always remembered either in a much better light or worse light than it really was. This is because we bring our own emotional experience to the reality of the situation.

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What is Prayer

Prayer is quite simply a belief in God or a Higher Power. There are many ways you can pray depending on the religion or belief system you have. But essentially prayer is universal and can unite us as a human race.

Prayer itself is a positive energy helping you achieve the goals in your heart. If you choose to pray for something negative – that would be likened to cursing and is not actually counted as praying.

No matter what your belief system, you will have come across prayer at some stage in your lifetime even if you have chosen to neglect it now. You may drift through life, but chances are when you come across hardship and difficulty you turn to prayer, in whatever form.

Modern research has found that prayer is actually beneficial to your health overall. So when you do turn to prayer, it’s a blessing in disguise as it benefits your mental as well as physical well-being. Your positive belief system, in the form of prayers, supports your good health.

This inner belief also helps you to achieve your deep rooted desires. It can help you to become a better person, more caring and loving towards others. It can help to bring you out of your selfishness by showing gratitude.

How can you benefit from prayer?

Researchers have found that when other people pray for a patient, that particular patient has better chances of survival than a similarly ill patient who has no spiritual support in the form of positive thoughts and prayer. This type of research supports the long established theories of the importance of our deep rooted belief systems controlling our health.

Prayer is usually associated with your soul or spiritual side. It can take on many forms, including mantra, rosary, physical, mental and chanting. You can use language to convey your prayer or simply the stillness or focus of your powerful thoughts. Although each religion has a specific way of praying, the essence of prayer is outlined in the paragraph below:

Prayer helps in the following ways:

  • Overall sense of well-being
  • Hope and optimism for the future
  • Keeps negative and depressive thoughts at bay
  • Reduced negative thought decreases level of anxious and fearful thoughts
  • Helps to visualise and keep thoughts focused rather than allowing them to wander aimlessly

When you are focused, your mind is clear and able to handle things better. In this calm state you are better able to become attuned to your inner needs and even become more receptive to the needs of others. In the eyes of others, you become understanding as your patience level increases through remaining calm.

Prayer is beneficial in all areas of your life. You can choose how you want to focus on this energy. Whatever your choice, you are in control. You don’t have to wait for an unfortunate event to strike your life before you turn to pray out of necessity.

The act of praying can have a positive impact on your life from this moment on if you allow it to. You can begin praying in small manageable steps in a way that is tailored to suit your lifestyle.

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