Me Myself and I

Who am I? This is the age old question we all ask ourselves during various stages of our lifetime.

We are all wonderful human beings sharing this world and as such have so much in common, yet there remains something within us all which wants and needs to be different from everyone else. A desire to distinguish our identity from the crowd otherwise we will be engulfed in a world without an identity.

Take away the exterior part of yourself, all the roles you have to play to get by in life such as the work colleague, the provider, the lover, the organiser, etc. What lies underneath it all? Take away all the philosophy, religion, theory, ideals. Who is that inner self? Is this inner self definable in words images or even sound?

Are we trapped in the life we have somehow ‘accidently’ created for ourselves or are we happy to cater to all without having our true qualities appreciated? No matter how selfish or giving we may be, there is always some part of us that is yearning for a change – to escape the prison created by our past dreams and decisions made as young naïve souls who did not know any better.

Are we truly fulfilling that inner craving of ours or are we allowing life to drift us away to somewhere we have no control over? We may have the ideal career, the perfect family on the exterior, but something is missing. We are constantly looking for that something. The vital x factor that would complete our life always seems to elude us. If only……. I had more money, a better body, the right partner, a good job.

If these are the types of thoughts running through your head, you really need to assess what it is that you are looking for in life. Why do you want these things? Are they really going to improve your life or are they just a way to divert your attention from fulfilling your real aim in life?

Have you tried to make yourself a magnet to all the wonderful bounty that this world has to offer instead of focusing on what you don’t have?

Our inner soul is constantly searching for fulfilment and it will not be satisfied with materialistic needs. When you are content with your inner self, all the necessary materialistic things come to you as well.

Define your priorities the best way you can – it could be through writing a list or music, or even a collection of images. Use your imagination to create the world you really want. All this inner focus will be worth it in the long term as it will allow you to slowly turn your outer world into the heaven you crave for.

But it all needs to begin from the very core of your soul. The soul is something you need to allow to prosper and grow and it will reward you tenfold by making your life easier to live with.

Begin the journey into the depths of your soul by asking yourself who you really are.


Welcome to my blog

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”

William Shakespeare

You are the star of your own stage. You can choose to be whatever you want. So what is actually holding you back?

Inner reflections of the thoughtful mind

Do you find you repress that feeling that now and again wants to escape and be free? Perhaps you have too much responsibility on your shoulders to allow your true self to surface. Perhaps, similar to how I used to be, you’re just afraid to come face to face with your true self. As you know, it really is a whole different world in that grey matter we call the “mind”.

Who are we underneath that exterior we show the world? Are we truly in control of that mind of ours? How often do we let our guard down and allow others to positively influence the way we think and behave?

Fact is we are not born this way. Mostly, after the influence of our genetics, we become who we are through our life experiences. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut when we experience something nasty and find it difficult to move on positively.

The way in which we experience the world is largely influenced by our thought process. That includes the good, the bad and the ugly. We can either filter the good stuff or we can hold onto the nasty things. It’s entirely our choice.

Share with me the triumphs and disappointments in life and the lessons learned over the years in this quest for personal development. I will address many of the questions above and more…

What are your experiences in the journey towards self-improvement?

Do you need to evolve yourself or is it a case of change being forced on you?